Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Viðey Island and Whale Watching

Today was an "easy" day - one that we had primarily open. Ironically today we did the most walking out of all of the days here so far - it was about a 45 minute walk at a quick pace to the Skarfabakka harbour. From there we had a 5 minute ferry ride across to Viðey Island (pronounce Villey).

The sights on the island were much like what one might expect to find in a southern Saskatchewan museum - photos of students standing in front of a schoolhouse now-abandoned.

One of the sights on the island was the site where the Canadian ship Skeena hit land and capsized during the second world war. The placard place tells of how the ship had anchored to try to stay the storm, but dragged the anchor in toward shore. 15 died and 198 survived. There is a broken propeller aboard shore to mark the area, but the ship itself has been removed from the area.

Viðey Island puts the "clumps of grass" in Saskatchewan to shame...

We took the ferry back to the Old Harbour which is right near the apartment we are staying in, which means that we didn't have to make the long walk back, which was nice as we had just walked for about three hours on the island.

We then caught up with our whale watching boat. Unfortunately luck wasn't on our side today and we didn't see much of anything (the puffins were too far away to see without binoculars, and we didn't see any whales). We were given a complimentary voucher to go again as a result, so we may try again in a handful of days.

Tomorrow we will be doing some caving in the cave Búri, touted as the deepest lava cave on earth.