Thursday, June 19, 2014

San Francisco - Day 4 (Six Flags)

Today was quite an adventure, as Gilles and I decided that neither of us wanted to take a try at driving a rental car too badly, although we did want to go to Six Flags. After weighing our options, we decided that a cable car/subway/bus combo would be the most time and cost-efficient. 

We started our day by setting out on the Cable Car to Union Square again. From there, we connected with the subway system, where we rode almost all the way to Richmond. Luckily, everything was pretty straightforward. Next, we took two city buses out to the park. Figuring out the connections for this portion was a bit confusing, but we made it without getting on the wrong bus :)

At Six Flags, Gilles and I quickly discovered that we don't have the stomachs we used too. (Oops!) It was extremely hot (I later translated the temperature on the TV to 35F, and no breeze for most of the day. Having spent most of our time thus far in cool San Fran, Gilles and I wore jeans in anticipation of the weather being much the same. That was a mistake. We spent much of the day watching the shows, and seeking out the shade.

Overall, it was a good day, although I don't think we will be doing another amusement park anytime soon. Here are a few of the better photos:

Tomorrow: Muir Woods!